About Us

Our goal is to develop – and provide our partners with access to – a network of talented young Southern African video journalists and filmmakers

Vuselela Media is a Southern African non-profit youth development agency with almost a decade of experience in promoting social activism and behavioural change through advocacy, education and awareness campaigns.


Vuselela aims to improve the lives of young people living in Southern Africa, especially those in marginalised and disadvantaged communities, through media skills development and youth leadership programmes. 


Vuselela strives to build resilience in young people and to provide them with information, encouragement, practical support and a sense of community so that, in spite of the obstacles they face, they are able to recognise the opportunities available to them and develop the skills that will help them overcome their difficulties.


With our headquarters based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are well positioned to conceptualise and manage the roll-out of youth development projects throughout Southern Africa.


Vuselela’s long-term goal is to provide its funding partners with access to a growing network of talented young Southern African community journalists, documentary filmmakers, producers and post-production teams who have their fingers on the pulse of what makes the youth in their communities tick and who are able to use the media effectively for the social and economic betterment of the region.


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