Vuselela has partnered with television networks and cellphone-based social media sites to develop our youth media network so that young people can share the content they have produced, express their opinions about each other’s work and engage in debate about the issues they raise.


Bona Retsang makes it possible for South African youth to share their hyper-local news and stories with their peers via a range of media channels including South Africa’s national TV broadcaster (SABC1), community television stations, mobile content-sharing platforms, selected websites and social media sites. All our Bona Retsang activities focus on creating new and empowering ways for young people across South Africa to engage with each other and make their voices heard.

There are currently two Bona Retsang TV elements:



Vuselela, together with the EJC, Free Press Unlimited and Kids News Network, produces a twice-weekly 30-minute youth news and opinion show called Bona Retsang. Aimed at 14- to 18-year -olds and broadcast on five community TV stations, it features a mix of current affairs and youth-related social issues, with several inserts created by its audience. The plan is to extend the show to SABC1 in the near future.



The best work produced by the Bona Retsang community journalists is showcased daily on the Geleza Nathi ‘edutainment’ show broadcast from 05h00 to 06h00 on SABC1.


Big Buzz:  Rape


We speak to a rape survivor about her ordeal and find real young men willing to speak out against rape.


Bona Retsang Promo

See what Bona Retsang is about...

Boogooman Bhoba: Hola Black!


RingaNathi- Texting

A peer discussion on the effects texting has in school work.

Funny man Boogooman takes us through the quirkier headlines of the week. Hola Black!



Where to see the show

1KZN – Channel 261

Monday and Wednesday @ 17h30


Bay TV – Channel 260

Wednesday @ 15h30


Cape TV – Channel 263

Wednesday and Friday @ 15h00


Tshwane TV – Channel 262

Thursday and Friday @ 16h00


Alex TV

Monday to Friday @ 16h30

Repeats @ 20h30


SABC 1 - Geleza Nathi

Daily @ 05h00

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